Serkan Toso

Founder at Tokyo by Food


Digital Marketing Specialist

C-Connect Corporation , Tokyo, Japan

Building a new marketplace available in English, Japanese, and Chinese for selling Japanese products in 16 countries mainly the United States, China, Singapore, and Malaysia

  • Conducting market researches and analyzing consumer behaviors to figure out market opportunities for Japanese products
  • Establishing country-specific branding strategies and identifying target customers in each country
  • Finding potentials and execute/manage strategies for content development and link building in coordination with SEO goals
  • Contributing strategic decisions with analytical perspective to drive online traffic & revenue and increase conversion rate
  • Continuously improving user experience and localizing websites based on user needs in each country

Digital Conversion Professional

Turkcell, Istanbul, Turkey

Effectively collaborated with Turkcell digital channels team with 100 employees as a digital conversion professional responsible for digital bill collection and web analytics

  • Developed successful strategies in digital bills collection from 35 million subscribers resulting in 20% increase in 2015 collection rate within 6 months compared to the previous year
  • Analyzed digital data using Adobe Omniture, Google Analytics, QlikView, Data Warehouse, Visilabs, Curio, and Gamification Engine and delivered detailed and insightful analyses on digital customer experience and engagement
  • Identified opportunities to improve the digital customer experience, as well as increase conversion activities to drive qualified leads and revenue growth

Service Operations Trainee

IBM, Istanbul, Turkey

Assisted service operations team in IBM for 10 months longs during my studies at Bogazici University

  • Monitored server systems and took the necessary actions by using Lotus Notes and Tivoli Integrated Portal system
  • Made sure all the system works smoothly by checking data warehouses and SAP records constantly
  • Started servers’ daily backups and prepared daily batch system



  • 31.08.2016International University of Japan

    Master's Degree: e-Business Management
  • 15.08.2014Bogazici University, Turkey

    Bachelor of Science: Management Information Systems
  • 31.01.2013Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany

    Semester Abroad: Business Information Systems


  • Exploring the Value of Web Analytics Tools in Formulating Digital Marketing Strategies: The Case of Turkey
  • International University of Japan
  • This research investigates the significance of web analytics tools in formulating digital marketing strategies specifically in Turkey. Eleven digital marketing professionals from various companies and industries were interviewed to gain better understanding of how firms utilize web analytics tools. Through these interviews and Webtrekk’s Web Analytics Survey-Study in 2015 analysis has been conducted to recognize the usage and value of web analytics tools in digital marketing strategies in Turkey.
  • Digital Divide Among the Regions of Turkey
  • The Journal of Knowledge Economy and Knowledge Management
  • The aim of this study is to calculate and evaluate the ICT Development Index for different regions of Turkey. The data are gathered from “Electronic Communications Statistics at Provincial Level” prepared by Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority and “Information and Communication Technologies Usage in Households and Individuals Survey” prepared by Turkish Statistical Institute for year 2012.

Volunteer Activities

Vice President of Euro-Mediterranean Youth Association

Euromedist is host and/or partner to various Euro-Mediterranean youth projects with its active voluntary members who have significant knowledge and background internationally and goes on enterprises with its entrepreneur coordinators who uses their organizational skills in order to bring out new projects.

European Union Youth Projects attended:
  • “Spring of Democracy-Active Youth Participation in Decision Making Processes” in Germany-June 2013
  • ”More in You” in Italy-October 2012
  • “Break the Bricks” in Bosnia-Herzegovina-August 2012
  • “Stop labeling yourself!” in Estonia-February 2012
  • “Biodiversity and Multiculturity” in Greece-February 2011
  • “Active Link Exchange” in Turkey-July 2010
  • “Block Against Violence” in Turkey-April 2010

Representative of Turkey in 2013 One Young World Johannesburg Summit

One Young World is a not-for-profit organization which provides opportunities for young adults to join in a global network of socially committed individuals with leadership potential. Its primary activity is an annual One Young World Summit. The One Young World Summit brings together the young generation’s brightest and best to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard. From there, they take action, driving positive change in their communities, companies and countries.

I was sponsored by Sabanci Holding when I won the competition. After the summit, I became an ambassador of One Young World in Turkey



  • Turkish100%
  • English100%
  • Japanese50%
  • German25%


Badminton is my passion!

Team Captain at Bogazici University in Turkey
Badminton Club Coordinator at International University of Japan

Badminton Championship Titles

  • Third place in Interuniversity Turkey Badminton Championship-April 2013
  • Second place in Interuniversity Turkey Badminton Championship-March 2011
  • Third place in Interuniversity Turkey Badminton Championship-April 2010
  • Third place in Interprimaryschool Turkey Badminton Championship-May 2001

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